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House of Grace Chen Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

Located at the heart of the Former French Concession at No. 1515 Huashan Road, House of Grace Chen celebrates its 2-year anniversary on July 12th. The House of Grace Chen is a beautiful villa house built in 1924. Its art deco style resembles some of the most signature looks of Old Shanghai, and was the home to many of the city's top financiers.

Since its opening, the House of Grace Chen has welcomed some of the most prestigious figures from around the world, among whom are Academy Award-winning composer & conductor, Tan Dun; Emmy-award winning television host & producer, Yue-sai Kan; contemporary Chinese artist “the panda man”, Zhao Bandi; media proprietor and entrepreneur, Yang Lan; French singer & songwriter Keren Ann; and many more.

Designed and furnished by the Italian architect — Filippo Gabbiani, founder of Kokai Studios — House of Grace Chen is a culmination of East meets West, and a cross-section of tradition, modernity, art, and charm. It serves as a perfect resemblance for Grace Chen’s artistic creation.

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