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Fashion Travel — Monaco

Grace Kelly of Monaco

The word "grace" symbolizes elegance. Grace Kelly and Grace Chen have both brought beauty and love to the world in their respective times. Grace Kelly, before becoming the Princess of Monaco, was a legendary Hollywood star. Grace Kelly won Best Actress in a Leading Role in Academy Awards for “The Country Girl” in 1995. However, soon after, she left stardom and entered royalty. Starting a new chapter of her life, she devoted her life to charity and world peace. Grace Kelly’s sincerity and dedication won over all of Monegasques' reverence and love.

Since young, Grace Chen’s belief of beauty and the image of women were deeply influenced by the Golden Ages of Hollywood. The brand’s unique “Heroine” design principles also come from her childhood experiences. After graduating from FIT, Chen spent many years designing pieces for Hollywood stars. Chen appreciated the beauty and delicacy in classic western designs. Chen picked up the exquisite western qualities in fashion which shaped Grace Chen as a designer. In September 2018, Grace Chen’s “Travel Series” will once again continue at Monaco, to follow the footprints of Grace Kelly, to pursue the legendary woman’s legendary story and to seek the essence of “Hollywood elegance.”

This September, Grace Chen will take another enriching journey to Monaco with the 2018 Fall/Winter Collection. Please get in touch with the public relations representative to learn more information about couture fitting, events and business collaboration.

Dates: 2018/9/17 — 9/22

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