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From Grace to Grace: Fashion Diplomacy Continues in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, although only 2.02 sq. km. in size, has born many legends. In 1956, Hollywood actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco and opened up this quiet kingdom to the rest of the world.

Monaco does not feel like a traditional European city. The Art Deco style buildings are patchwork and rich in romantic colours. Every corner of this country has its own elegance. You feel the historical scent of the royal families and realize its constant transition into modern times. Today, Monaco is the home to some of the wealthiest individuals from over 125 countries, all of whom with exquisite taste in fashion and style. It was the ideal location to introduce Grace Chen's modern designs with the best of the classics.

GRACE— the Monaco Collection (2018 F/W)

Grace Chen pays her homage to Grace Kelly with her latest collection “Grace — the Monaco Collection”. Inspired by the Hollywood icon, the latest collection features pieces that are noble and luxurious, yet refined and approachable at the same time.

The collection includes velvet slim suits that give a soft touch into modern comforts; high-waist dresses mimicked the 1950s French style; and gowns sashay in simplicity without too much garnish. The true labor behind these outfits are in the tailoring, structuring and pleats of light and shadow. These simple but elegant designs have proven to be classics that stand the test of time.

Members of the Monaco royal family, celebrities and friends applauded the show. Guests were impressed with how this collection naturally matched the essence of the monegasque culture, yet created from a Chinese designer.

With her debut collection in Monaco, Grace Chen's designs have once again transcended time, place and culture.

“The Golden Age of Hollywood was elegant, confident and charming. It influenced an entire generation. Grace Kelly was always one of my all-time muses. It has always been a dream to recreate the Hollywood Golden Age icon, for modern women worldwide. I’m thrilled to have this dream realized with our latest collection in Monaco.”

- Grace Chen

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