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Grace Chen launches 2018 Pre-Fall Collection — “Solitude”

Grace Chen launches her 2018 Pre-fall collection “Solitude” as the first chapter of this year’s “Inner Landscape” series. Known for her intimate understanding of the power and strength in women, the series is a tribute to the modern women’s journey of self-discovery.

“Solitude is a state of beauty — when we are being honest with ourselves. This collection is about giving modern women a piece of tranquility amidst chaos, and a chance to indulge in our most free and natural self.”

--- Grace Chen

Solitude: a necessity for growth

As the world becomes more connected, we are ironically spending more time in solitude. Grace recognizes this trend amongst her customers, who served as her inspiration for this latest collection. Grace believes that being “alone” does not mean “lonely”. Solitude — the state of being with ourselves, alone — is a necessity, for every woman. By taking charge of our relationship with ourselves, we can smoothly manage our relationship with the rest of the world. Solitude collection is a celebration of independence, power, and maturity.

Dress for yourself, not others

When a woman is alone by herself, she lets down her guard and positions in her most comfortable state. Yet relaxation do