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Grace Chen Spring/Summer 2019 "Splendor in the Air": Reinterpreting the essence of Chinese

Fashion is not only what we wear, but a representation of our identity. Since the inception of the brand, designer Grace Chen has had two goals: To create a fashion style that reflected modern Chinese women, and to create a design aesthetic that brings a modern Chinese style to the world. Taking inspiration from the works of traditional Chinese poet Wang Wei, the latest collection titled “Splendor in the Air” reflects the return to an inner peace after shedding layers of distraction.

“Splendor in the Air” is a tribute to all things beautiful in Chinese tradition. It is also what enriches the modern woman and makes her even more relevant for the world today.”

– Grace Chen, Chief designer and Founder of Grace Chen Couture

The collection launched during China Fashion Week, March 26th 7pm. The collection breaks down traditional perceptions of lines, proportion, structure and silhouettes, creating looks that are casual and flowing at the same time.

The overall aesthetic is more Oriental than previous collections, yet it combines a modern-day edge to the needs of the metropolitan woman. The colour scheme is predominantly black and white, reflective of Chen’s influences from Chinese calligraphy, yet amongst the tranquility there are bursts of colour from strong reds, greens and blues.

As a modern interpretation of the visual arts and dance, the entire show featured models walking on a catwalk submerged in a layer of water and an opening performance by ballerina Sisi Qiu, also known as the “Swan Princess of the East”. Special guests included Grammy award winner & singer Tianqi Hang, actress MIYA, famed model trainer Grace Han and Chinese contemporary artist Ran Pan. Staying true to Grace Chen style, the catwalk featured professional models as well as customers and friends (“GC Girls”) of all ages.

In celebration of the brands’ 10thAnniversary, 2019 is a throw-back year to reinterpret the brand’s essence “Serenity, Depth and Glamour” in a way that captures China’s decade of change. The Spring/Summer 2019 collection is the first of the brand’s 10th Anniversary three-part series - a reinterpretation of Serenity.

The essence of Chinese beauty is described by Chen as “Serenity, Depth, Glamour”:

  • Serenity is about peace and tranquility. The Asiatic romance. It reflects our history, heritage, and culture. It is where we came from.

  • Depth is a depth of mind and the abundance of strength. It reflects the modernity and power of the present.

  • Glamour is the wealth of beauty, both inside and out. Glamour reflects the spirit of happiness that radiates from within.

“With thousands of years of history, Chinese people created a culture and civilization with its own style. But in the last 100 years, Chinese fashion and beauty became lost. As we started falling in love with Western styles, we began to use Western principles as a barometer to judge ourselves. But I believe this is just a small disruption in the overall course of our history. China’s beauty, vision, and spirit still run deep. She just needs a new “face” and “language” to let her voice be heard in our modern times.”

– Grace Chen, Chief designer and Founder of Grace Chen Couture

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