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Grace Chen launches 2019 Early Spring/Resort Collection — “Voyage”

Nov 20th, 2018 -- Chinese couturier Grace Chen returns to Shanghai New Couture Week for the 4th year with latest collection 2019 Early Spring / Resort “Voyage”. As one of the founding members of China New Couture Association (CNCA) and known as “the designer who understands women best”, Chen’s latest collection is Part 2 of her “Inner Landscape” Series - a tribute to the modern woman’s journey of self-discovery.

“I think every woman always want two things eventually: One is love, one is respect. I aim to bring both in my designs. Love is the attractiveness. Respect is your confidence. You can’t have one without the other. They have to come together.”

--- Grace Chen

“Voyage” is a collection about the pursuit of a woman’s ultimate freedom. Contrary to perceptions of the traditional “couture” customer, Chen created with this collection with the spiritual “free-spirited wanderer” in mind - a modern, powerful woman who may be much loved and respected by society, but not afraid to shed these shackles when need.

Grace Chen 2019 Early Spring/Resort Collection “Voyage”

The collection features 39 pieces ranging from evening gowns to power suits, business casual and day wear. Taking inspiration from the landscape paintings of traditional Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong, the collection features a strong and vibrant color palate. Dominant colours of blues, greens, yellow and white are balanced with softer hues of pink, gold, and silver to add Chen’s signature sense of femininity to each wearer.

Key pieces include the “Leisure-Jacket” – a free and flowing overcoat perfect for the pursuit of quality whilst traveling. This collection also features the use of lambskin leather carved embellishments, combining soft fabrics with angular shapes to create silhouettes that are feminine and powerful at the same time. Breaking stereotypes of traditional couture, Grace Chen uses the latest materials sourced internationally to create “couture” pieces that are not only exquisitely made but also wearable and easy to maintain.

Signature of Chen’s fashion shows, models of all ages from 6 – 72 years old graced the catwalk. Famed model trainer Grace Han has been a regular guest model since 2016. This year’s new faces also include young models Joanne, Jolin and Liu Qiuyan who frequent international catwalk shows.

Grace Han — known as the Godmother of the Chinese elite supermodels, walks the runway along with children models: Joanne, Jolin and Liu Qiuyan

The collection was opened by Maxine Wang, Chen’s daughter, performing a jazz version of “Fly me to the Moon,”. Known as “the first music heard on the moon” — it was a perfect testament to modern man’s ultimate “Voyage”.

Grace Chen and daughter Maxine Wang

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